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Key themes

Sensors & Tangible Archives

The Whistleblower

Archiving the rise of nation state violence over the years in India through a staple home utensil

Atmospheric Streams

An electronic textile countermapping narratives- real and fictional at MIT

Key themes

Interaction Design for Generative AI

A Mystery for You

A Factchecking Game Powered by an LLM and a tangible interface

Stata Island 2.png

Key themes

Worlding through Game Engines

Stata Island

A rewilded institutional day dream at MIT

Himalayan Home

A virtual game world

Untitled design (1).png

Key themes

Speculative Fictions of Science & Culture

Devta Cosmotechnics in the Western Himalayas

As Past, Present and Future Technologies

Rivers in the Sky, Clouds Down Below

As Past, Present and Future Technologies

show reel

2017 -21


Key themes

Participatory Design Methodologies

Mahjong as a Design Thinking Tool 

Facilitating the co-designing of Mahjong as a sense making tool to design 'with' locals

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