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The Issue: 

Single Use Plastics used in Food Packaging are extremely harmful to the ecosystem and have now, ironically, entered our food chain. MNC's using these do have the resources to invest in more sustainable alternatives, at a manufacturing level. However, co-operate environmental responsibility keeps getting pushed down to the stage of recycling. This inevitably fails because action is needed at every level. 

Point of Intervention: 

As consumers, we need to think about these issues not at the point of disposal, but at the point of buying into these products. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Opportunity in AR:

AR has the semiotic capability of embedding new layers of meaning into preexisting visual information. Visual Branding of plastic products can be used a triggers for a virtual awareness campaign. If if the plastics are getting dumped in our oceans, dump the plastic oceans onto the products. 

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