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Generative myth making exploration

Folklore is an oral storytelling tradition that is a medium of its time. How can we engage with archival collections of folklore in a more interactive way? "We're developing all these fabulous hardware systems that soon will make life a process of continual myth generation for the individual as well as the collective ego." Gene Youngblood39 Fascinated by the idea of myth-making I explored this idea further with Botnik’s Voice Box- a text predictor. I had also tried to use Tensorflow, however the library wasn’t large enough to give out coherent sentences.

"The boundary is permeable between tool and myth, instrument and concept, historical systems of social relations and historical anatomies of possible bodies, including objects of knowledge. Indeed, myth and tool mutually constitute each other." Donna Haraway40 The library I fed in included some Himachali Folklore as well as some of my favourite radical texts. The result was typing out narratives with relatable geographies and mythical characters and interesting ideological leanings. How can interactive engagements like this be taken up as exhibitions or experiences for people?


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