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WIP: UX Research for Alt News Website


  • Reconfigure the information architecture of the website to best encompass and navigate through the diverse Alt News ecosystem.

  • Identify the current pain points and inefficiencies of the website.

  • Increase accessibility to content relevant to the users.

  • Incorporate user feedback to include additional

  • Make the experience of the website delightful through visual elements such as micro interactions, colour, layout and graphics.


Foundational Research

  • Interviews with current user base, field experts and target audience.

  • Online Surveys via social media

  • Focus Groups discussions within organisation and then outside

  • Competitive Audit of competitors strengths and weaknesses

  • Log Analysis ie, evaluate recordings of users as they interact with the current design

Tactile Design Research

  • Usability Testing of prototypes

  • A/B Testing to compare iterations

  • Card Sorting, ie, asking participants to sort individual labels into categories that make sense to them, in order to figure out the information architecture.

  • Intercepts gathering feedback from users as they engage with website

Post Launch Research

  • Usability Studies measuring key performance indicators via a success matrix

  • Surveys

  • Log Analysis


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